Props to the people behind the music

Before launching into all of my thank yous for the musicians and engineers behind the making of the album, I would like to say a special thanks to Darren Radach at Stout Studios.  I have recorded three singles with Darren since the release of “More Than Shadows” last year. These include “Music Laughter and Love,” “Autumn Love Song,” and “Faith for the Future,” all of which can be found on streaming platforms like Spotify.  Darren produced the music and video for “Faith For the Future”, a song composed by Dana’s late son, Cross Justice Goodwin, and myself. 

I would now like to lead my thank yous for the album with a thanks to drummer/percussionist Tom Ditzler.  Tom has been with me since the beginning and is loyal to the music, no matter what. In addition, Tom has worked very hard to make the switch from Cajon to full drum kit for this record, and I can promise his drum sound has made a great difference for the hard-hitting tracks on this record.

Next I would like to thank ARO on bass.  ARO has stayed loyal to the music even through changes in his professional life.  He has given much of his personal time to the project recording bass in his home studio.  His driving bass style has really helped to kick this album up a notch into the rock vein, and we are excited to share this new sound with you all. 

We have Joel Scanlon at ScanHope Sound to thank for his expertise in the recording and mixing of this record.  We journeyed to Littleton to benefit from the grand piano at ScanHope Sound, but were pleasantly surprised by other attributes Joel brought to the project.  His mixing expertise and knowledge of sound effects have really made a difference in the sound of this record. 

Next, I would like to thank Paul Andrews for the mastering of this record.  I originally wanted to record this album in Nashville with Paul on reel to reel tape.  While this option proved far too expensive, I am glad he can still be a part of this project as he masters it from afar.  Paul was the recording and mixing engineer for More Than Shadows and has become a trusted friend to me in the music business. 

I would like to thank my wife Dana Collins for being the inspiration behind so many of my songs, her creative marketing for BDC, her seize-your-dreams spirit and all she does to make me able to do what I do with The Seers and as a solo artist.  I would also like to thank Dana Collins and Rae McAlister for the album design, and Steven Shepard for the logo and art work. 

On September 7 we will be hosting a preview party at the 5030 Local in Loveland from 7-9 PM.  This will not be a CD release show, but a listening party for friends and fans. Please come listen to tracks off the new record performed live and don’t forget to pick up one of our special merch packs we will be offering at the show. 

Stay tuned during the weeks ahead for more about the album and catch you on the flippidy! 

In the meantime, you can hear the newest BDC on Spotify by clicking here:

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