Check out my new release, "More Than Shadows"!

Mr. & Mrs. Collins showing some love.

Mr. & Mrs. Collins showing some love.

Okay, It's your turn!

Show us some love!

For weeks, I have been sharing songs and stories of the love Dana and I share, culminating in the last blog about our wedding.

Now, is your turn to be in the spotlight!

Send us pictures of you with your love so we can include them in our video for Boots on in the Rain!  

In order to be included in the video:

·         Pictures should include two human beings who are in a romantic relationship.  The purpose of the video is to show how people who are in love grow together.  There are as many stories of happiness as there are couples and we would like to give you a chance to share a piece of your story. 

 ·         Pictures should be of a kind we are comfortable sharing with our children.  Please no nudity or anything provocative. 

 ·         Pictures must be in landscape format.

 ·         Pictures must be of high quality.  Please set your phone or camera so the files are at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. (Full HD resolution).

·         Before submitting pictures, please make sure you own all rights and have permission from everyone in the images.

 ·         All images are shared with the understanding that they may be used in music videos and that there will be no monetary compensation.  

Please email all images to:

Brian David Collins 


Songwriter and Pianist Brian David Collins (The Seers ) has embarked on his long awaited solo career with his debut EP "More Than Shadows". Brian's emotional lyrics are paired with his incredible talent on the piano to create a sound that is timeless and raw. Brian has been playing in the Front Range area for more than 20 years and now his experiences and stories come together to frame the much anticipated release from Northern Colorado's piano man.

BDC from Seers 2.jpg

This EP marks the beginning of my solo career with a new sound and songs I never knew I could write until I met the love of my life, Dana. I hope you enjoy it.

- Brian Collins


Brian's Muse Dana Goodwin,  took Collins back to his roots by familiarizing him with artists like George Jones, Roger Miller and Kris Kristofferson. These legends of country mixed with Collins’ love for Dana, brought out his softer side inspiring many of the tracks on the EP.  Combining powerful piano melodies and Brian’s heartfelt lyrics, these songs show a side of Collins that fans will be excited to see.




Brian would like to thank the following people for making his dream a reality:

Recording, Mixing, Mastering:  Paul Andrews from Bridge Studios

Videography: Sam Lawrence from Visualize Results

Artwork and Logos: Steven Shepard from Neo-Genesis

Project Management: Cassie Cowan from Plus One Music Consulting

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