We let our kids take the lead

Last Monday night Dana and I took our kids out for a wonderful evening jaunt.  The first stop on the line was a recommendation from Dana’s daughter Bree, a new restaurant in town called Comet Chicken, in old town Fort Collins.  When we stepped up to the counter to order we learned that Comet Chicken uses all organic chicken, something that should make all the Portlandians out there quite thrilled.  In addition, Comet Chicken hand crafts all of their breading to make some of the most delicious fried chicken you’ve ever tried, I’m telling you this place is dynamite.


If you order the Nashville hot chicken like I did, you’ll soon find out what I mean by dynamite.  I have a pretty high threshold for spice and I’m here to tell you, this stuff is hhhot. Dana, who has no tolerance for spice, took a chicken strip right out of my hand without waiting for my endorsement.  Before I could warn her she was gasping and choking and reach for cream soda. As a side note, their cream soda is second to none. It’s a good thing they serve it cause boy you need it when you eat that Nashville hot.  You’ve gotta check this place out, it’s between College and Mason on the north side of Mountain Avenue.


As we ate my 13 year old son Jesse got us excited to go to Horsetooth Reservoir.  When we were all stuffed to the gills we loaded up and headed west.


It was a beautiful warm sunset up at the reservoir.  Dana and I sat at Horsetooth Beach and watched Bree and Jesse get industrious.  Jesse has always enjoyed building rock formations out of river rocks. That night he showed Bree how to build these towers, and was happy as long as she didn’t borrow rocks from his towers to build hers.  To reinforce the strength of her tower, Bree chinked the rocks together with naturally occurring clay she had found on the bottom of one of the rocks.


At dusk we made our way out before the park rangers closed us in.  It had been a delightful evening, one that we would not have had if we hadn’t let our kids take the lead.  

Brian CollinsComment