The Dog Blog, Our Doggo Got Hitched!

The Bride and Groom :)

The Bride and Groom :)

Monday June 11 was an eventful day at our family home.  My 13 year old son, Jesse, and Dana’s 11 year old daughter, Bree, worked tirelessly together to prepare for a notorious event, the wedding of our little dog Tanner.  Time was of the essence, for the wedding was set for the very next day.  As we drove to stock up on supplies for pupcakes, Jesse and Bree blew up balloons in the back seat and groomed Tanner in preparation for his big day. 


Later on at home, Bree and Jesse made the pupcakes.  I listened with a smirk as Jesse tried to keep up with Bree’s instructions, in Bree’s words, “he wouldn’t even listen!”  I must admit it reminded me of Dana and I in the kitchen.

Preparation for Tanner’s wedding began long before the day before!  Bree had begun making specialized  hand written/hand drawn invitations for all the guests in early May with her friend Clare.  Now, at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of June, preparations were near complete.

At some late hour Bree and Jesse had done enough work to warrant a few hours of sleep.  At 7-30 Tuesday morning, the day of the wedding, Bree was wide awake, stuffing balloons into trash bags to make them easier to carry, suiting Tanner and her sister Onyx with special collars, cleaning out coolers, writing speeches, and preparing snacks for the guests.

When the car was loaded, Dana drove Bree, Jesse and I to the wedding site at Fossil Creek Park.  We carried provisions to the pavilion where we eagerly awaited wedding guests.  First to arrive was the mother of the bride, Carol, with the bride herself, Gizzy.  Carol and I talked as Jesse and Bree set up for the wedding.  In the background, Tanner continued the last of his courtship with Gizzy.  Growling and whimpering he chased after her all too eagerly as Gizzy played her hard to get routine, protecting her womanhood by sitting whenever Tanner got too near.  The second guest to show was a human, Bree’s friend Clare.  Then came Grace, her eleven year old son Bennett, and our first canine wedding guest, Bindi.  Shortly after came Bree’s friend Madison, her mother Vicky, her kid sister Kayla and our second canine guest, Justice.  We were even blessed with two guests Dana and Bree knew in the old days, Kaitlyn and her sister Abby.  Last but not least came some musicians from the More Than Shadows EP – female vocalist Rae McAlister and percussionist Tom Ditzler, his wife Donna, and our third canine guest Zevon.   Yes, Tom and Donna were familiar with unwelcome canine guests like the Werewolves of London, who fortunately did not show up.


Then came the ceremony!  As I played the wedding march on the guitar, all eyes turned as the beautiful Gizzy made her appearance.  She was wearing a pink tulle skirt as white roses adorned her neck.  Tanner, with his handsome blue bowtie and vest, nervously awaited his bride in Bree’s arms.  The ceremony began with a speech from Jesse and a few words from Bree.  Before we knew it, Tanner and Gizzy were announced Doggo and Pupper.

Brian wedding march.jpg


The wedding day was a hot, cloudless day and so the wedding party made for the shade of the pavilion after the ceremony to enjoy pupcorn chicken, corndoggies and soda pups.  Soon after the games began.  The first game was musical mutts.  Rae played guitar while the dogs were escorted around a circle of hula hoops.  The unfortunate canine left without a hula hoop to sit in was disqualified.  Red light green light and balloon bop were also played. I wish you could have been there to see it.

Feasting and merrymaking continued until it was time for the newlyweds and all canine and human guests alike to retire.  When we returned home Tanner, his new wife Gizzy, and his sister Onyx were snoring within minutes, contented and exhausted much like we were.  It was a truly notorious event and one to be remembered for years to come!

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