Reflection and Gratitude

Reflection and gratitude:

I have always had the want to be a true artist, completely self-governed and self-produced.  Up until now there has always been something missing from my life and therefore my music. For years the music I played on my own was music I wrote for myself by myself.  Although these times were filled with creativity and progressive writing the songs often times had a cathartic nature and didn’t seem to reach out to anyone.

I began to remember what I knew about love when I took my first mini-trip to Minneapolis with Dana.  As time went on we took trips and made memories that inspired new songs. These songs were different, ones that reached out in the most sincere way I had ever known.  I would like to thank Dana for the new life and purpose she has given me and the music. Without her four of the tracks, including the title track for More Than Shadows could never have been.  My 13 year old son, Jesse Collins, is the inspiration for track 5, Ball of Fire, and track 2, Please Come Around, is an old song from 2013.

Now it is time for me to share some of the songs closest to my heart for all that can attend this coming Friday at the Downtown Artery.  I have had the greatest team to help make this EP and release show a reality. I would like to give special thanks to my longtime friend and musical partner Sean Waters for his hours spent at the Fort Collins Music District.  In his time there he became acquainted with Paul Andrews, the recording engineer for More Than Shadows. In addition Sean lended his skills as a co-writer for cello parts and a performer on the record, contributing all bass and guitar work heard on the EP.  I would also like to take this space to thank Paul Andrews first and foremost for his enthusiasm for the music. I would then like to thank Paul for his hours spent recording, mixing and mastering More Than Shadows. With this project Paul has helped me to bring sounds out of my head and into the living world, thank you Paul!  Special thanks to Patrick for the album photo, and thanks to Steven for the Brian David Collins logo.

In my time recording More Than Shadows with Paul he introduced two other musicians to the project at my request.  I would like to thank Hannah Alkire for her intuitive ear and well written counter-melodies. In addition I would like to thank John McGuire for his ability to learn the French horn part for Boots On In The Rain from a cheesy reference I had recorded on my keyboard.  Let’s be glad we have his French horn in the final mix and not my keyboard’s poor imitation of a saxophone.

I would like to give special praise and thanks to the Brian David Collins band.  Percussionist Tom Ditzler can be heard on every track of the EP. Tom has been in it with me from the beginning and is a loyal friend and band mate. Aaron Oberndorf is a new addition to the band but someone I have known and recorded with in the past.  As the basest for BDC Aaron used his enhanced musical ear to match the carefully written piano bass lines played by my left hand. His patience and comradery is well appreciated and we are fortunate to have him as part of the BDC lineup. Jessica Hazlet has been another fortunate addition to the BDC lineup.  In the midst of her busy life and full-time job in Denver she has learned cello parts for 7 songs and made three BDC practices. Jessica will give Friday’s performance a richness it couldn’t have had without her and I am very thankful for her support and talent.

I would now like to give extra thanks and praise to one of the most influential BDC team members, Cassie Cowan from Plus One Consulting.  Her understanding of the music market has geared us up for what I feel will be quite a successful debut release. Cassie has secured the Artery for us as a venue for the CD release, generated compelling and creative video content for the album release campaign, and found the two openers to bring more creativity and support to the show.  In addition she has constructed the BDC website and helped Dana and I to direct my social media activity leading up to the release. In addition she helped me to create the album cover and connected us with Chip from Wounded Heart Press for the making of BDC t-shirts. In short, she has done a hell of a lot for this release!

I would like to extend a warm BDC thank you to JinnJinni and Brian Johanson for their support as opening acts for the CD release, and for Caitlin Solsky from the Downtown Artery for securing our show date on the calendar and working closely with Cassie on show details.

I would like to conclude by giving my greatest love praise and thanks to Dana, who has done so much for my spirit, my outlook, my son Jesse,  my family and this project. It was Dana’s ingenious mind that intuited the idea to release More Than Shadows in September with our entire wedding crew in town.  Dana has designed Brian David Collins business cards, funded and orchestrated orders for all BDC merchandise, and handled all of my social media posting with guidance from me.  She has attended every BDC show with her unique and boisterous smiling cheers and vibrant character. She has taken many a musical road trip with me and been my greatest artistic inspiration and strong post for being the newly acclaimed Brian David Collins.

Without the BDC team there would be no EP to celebrate let alone the 5/8 PM release show at The Downtown Artery this Friday.  I am eager and grateful for the chance to share these six songs from the soul with you all.

Signing off,

Brian David Collins

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