One hot night at Glenwood Hot Springs:

It was a sunny Thursday at high noon when Dana and I packed up the car and set out for a Brian David Collins startup adventure in Glenwood Springs.  As we drove, we feasted on Long John Silvers’ fried fish and chicken and dreamed with excitement about a trip we are planning to take to Nashville to record the next BDC full length.  Along the way, Dana turned me onto The Judds, a mother-daughter country duo from her home state of Kentucky and we listened to song after song on the way up the mountains.


The first stop on the line was the historic Hotel Colorado, where we met with Tom who drove separately.  We were booked to play from 5 to 8 at the hotel lounge patio that evening and were buzzed to be playing music in the mountains.  The patio was off to the side of a large porch with hanging vines and flower pots, a fountain and outdoor bar and restaurant.  We played most of the songs off of More Than Shadows along with many tunes we are planning to record in Nashville.  At the end of the night we closed with Hotel Colorado, a spoof on the eagles Hotel California.

“On a dark mountain highway

Cool wind in my hair

One whiff of weed smoke

Rising up through the air” 

It was a blast!  The hotel rooms were built in the late 1800s and had a very unique, rustic yet clean and cozy feel.  Dana and I slept peacefully in the mountains of Glenwood Springs that night after a great gig and a grand meal.


The next day started out right with breakfast and a lap swim at the hot springs.  Lap swimming in Glenwood Springs is a religious experience.  The water is usually in the low 90s and makes you sweat bullets.  Luckily, you don’t get depleted because you are constantly being replenished with salt and fabulous minerals.  If you stick with it for thirty laps you’ll come out of that pool feeling cured, that is a BDC guarantee.


At noon Dana, Tom, and I checked out of the hotel Colorado, loaded up our gear and pooled into one car to enjoy some shops and restaurants in Glenwood.  We took a wrong turn and ended up driving out of town only to find a beautiful stop by the river on the way back.  The place felt sheltered and was aromatic with trees and flowers.  In the time we were there, it felt like I could stop life at one moment in time and shed all anxious thoughts and feelings that take away from a perfectly good moment.


Then we stopped off at The Doc Holiday Café for a midday snack that most would probably called a meal.  The place was known to be a bit rowdy but not in the time we were there.  In the midafternoon the place seemed like a good spot to let your guard down and take a mental nap.  It was relaxing and the food was very good.


Afterward, Dana and I tried to check into our hotel where we discovered they had no record of us ever calling and booking a room.  With an hour and a half until meetup time for the Friday night gig this seemed like it was going to be a real drag.  Somehow we made a quick recovery and found a nice spot to rest our heads for after the show. 


After this ordeal was over we made our way to the main attraction, The Riviera Supper Club.  That evening we were booked for a two-hour performance at Glenapalooza, a street festival put on by the city of Glenwood Springs.  Tom and I set up under the bridge where the acoustics were second to none.  My little amp and Tom’s little PA carried sound all through the downtown area, bringing listeners that appreciated our originality and tipped graciously.  The gig was over too soon, but it was time to feast afterward and so no one was complaining.  


As we indulged on the Riviera’s delicious food, we talked with Jonathon Gorst, the owner that had set us up with the gig.  I learned that Jonathon and I were both UNC alumni and that he enjoyed running the supper club.  He said that the weather in Glenwood Springs stayed fair all through the year and was different from most Colorado mountain towns in that respect.  I could tell he was truly happy with his situation there at Riviera Supper Club and I couldn’t blame him one bit!


Dana and I woke the next morning, had a light breakfast and headed homeward.  Tom had already left in order to get back to Fort Collins early.  He wanted to geek out on West Fest while Dana and I took every bit of extra time we could without being late for Saturday’s Seers show at Maya Cove.  I’m telling you now, I’ve got to make my way back up there for some more shows, it is one of my favorite Colorado mountain towns!

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