A Long Time Comin'

It is the morning of Thursday, June 6 and it is with great excitement that Tom and I adjourn to Scanhope Sound Studios for the recording of the first Brian David Collins full length release.  After one and a half years of weekly practice we finally have our chance to pour out our artistic expression and make a record of it. In an important sense, this is the record I have wanted to make ever since I was eleven years old.  Although the songs have been written within the last three years, I have never released a project that I have written, produced, and arranged all on my own. This album, Different Light, will be my chance to achieve this musical dream at age 39.

My first release, the More Than Shadows EP, was recorded over a few short sessions.  For this project we are camping out for two days at the studio and we will be blessed to have my wife, Sweet Dane, there with us to capture footage of the music as it is being made.  Please stay tuned over the next two days as we take you behind the scenes and share the BDC musical experience with you all.

This is going to be great!

Brian Collins